G.R. Patil College Cultural Activities

To discover, develop, train and promote socio-cultural talent and interest among the students and staff of the G.R. Patil College, Mumbra, the Culture Council established by the College team has a number of programmes and projects such as:

  1. The College Choir;
  2. Musicals : Western and Indian, Folk, Light and Classical genres;
  3. Cineclub : Film appreciation programmes;
  4. Poet’s Guild : English, Hindi, Urdu and regional languages.
  5. Creative Writers’ Forum;
  6. Public Speaking Society : Debate, Declamation and ex-tempore speech;
  7. Art Club : Fine Arts, Painting, Sketching and Cartooning;
  8. Federation of Theatre groups;
  9. Photoclube; and
  10. Dance Ensemble/The Choreographers;


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