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G.R. Patil College Gymkhana

G.R. Patil College Gymkhana
The proverb ' health is wealth ' is not forgotten till date, and therefore for a sound physical health, and mental health sports is mandatory. The all round development of a person is incomplete without sports and games. It develops in an individual the ability to live with zest, enthusiasm and determination. As a part of our education, all institutions should give importance to the sports activities.

In this context, our college can boast of having a very well-equipped gymkhana along with enthusiastic Physical Education to guide the students. We have several equipments for indoor and outdoor games and exercise equipments.

We also promote Indian games like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. Following are the games in which our sportsmen participate in competitions at various levels. Sportsmen are awarded handsomely for their achievements with trophies, certificates and occasionally with cash prizes. College also sponsors with sports kits to deserving sports persons.

The gymkhana offers opportunities to both Junior and Senior College students to play indoor and outdoor games. Carom, chess and table tennis can be played boys common room of the main building. Football and swimming are encouraged and off-campus arrangements are made for these activities. Throw ball, tennis and cricket are also popular. Hiking and adventure camps attract many participants. Students are coached to compete in intercollegiate, state and national events.

Sports Talent Scholarships are also awarded to those who show remarkable talent in sports. Junior college students are encouraged to participate in sports for both individual and team events.

pecial coaches are appointed to train students

Gymkhana Council

It has an expanded gymkhana council headed by the Principal as President and Chairperson along with college staff as ex-officios,



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