G.R. Patil College Student's Council


The Students’ Council of G.R. Patil College is a body of students who, apart from looking into the welfare of students, engages in a variety of events and is known for its excellence in leadership, organisational skills and nurturing talent. Comprising of 60 members out of which 30 are core members, the council works round the year in the College on student issues and student empowerment.

Anti-Ragging :
True to its core function of the welfare of the students, the Council has its very own Anti-Ragging Squad that ensures no ragging takes place on or near the College campus.

The squad patrols in the college as well as till Mumbra station during the initial days to prevent any form of ragging of G.R. Patil College students and to make the freshers feel secure.

G.R. Patil College Carnival :

Every year, the Council hosts the G.R. Patil College Carnival, a fun filled event especially for the F.Y.J.C students. Music and dance galore, the Carnival is an ice-breaker for freshers, a chance to make new friends and interact with the rest of the G.R. Patil College Students.



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