Mumbra Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Mumbra (Thane) an educational institution was established in the year 1978 & was registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 & Societies Registration Act, 1960.

The Trust runs 16 Schools (Primary and Secondary), 4 Junior Colleges, 3 Degree Colleges and one Technical College. The three Degree Colleges are located at Mumbra, Dombivli and Titwala. One more Degree College is coming up at Badlapur

Taking Off to the sky....
The founder secretary of our 'Mumbra Shikshan Prasarak Mandal' Mr. G. R. Patil sir began his career in post office and ended it by founding an educational organization.

Adv. Mr. Gorakh Rupla Patil.(G. R. Patil Sir) was bom in a farmer family on 20th May, 1940. He began his education by overcoming financial difficulties. However, he was attracted towards the high horizons in the education. That made him to study hard without losing it to any difficulty. He achieved M.Com, B.Ed, as well as LLB degrees. Sir joined ordnance factory at Ambernath during Indo-China war. Afterwards he got job at Premier Company in 1964. There he handled the trade union in really effective manner but he could not tolerate workers fighting among themselves instead of with the management and thus, hetesigned the union leadership and the job as well.

Immediately after that in the year 1972, Sir joined Dombivli's Jondhle High School as Principal. Sir made over the high school from head to toe. He gave a completely new face to this Marathi medium school which, then, used to commence in mere three rooms.

He transformed the school step by step by introducing Marathi primary, English primary- secondary, Gujarati primary -secondary school, Junior college. He also contributed in building Bharatanatyam Mandir Vaastu. Sir left the post of headmaster due to his selflessness and a colonel - like -discipline, but he never comprise with his values and morals. His student, Mr. Shivajirao Jondhale, brought the institution to the new heights by establishing various types of colleges. Sir, even today, feels very pride of this student of his.

Hon'ble Founder secretary, Adv.G.R.PATIL SIR Falicitating hon'ble Dr.Bhalchandra Mungekar, Vice-chancellor of university of mumbai in presence of Hon'ble Mr.Arunbhai Gujrathi, Speaker of maharashtra state Legislative stone Laying ceremony of G.R.PATIL COLLEGE.DOMBIVLI on 05th NOVEMBER 2003.

Though Sir completed his education by doing a job at the same time, his liking towards social service did not let him live in ease. During his tenure in the Premier Company itself, he had seen the inconvenience causing to the local students of nearby villages. 'Sakharamsheth Vidyalay, Katai1 is established out of sir's inspiration and encouragement. Sir himself used to administer the school. Hindi Prachar Mandal, Dombivali is also an outcome of sir's effort along with his friend Mr. S. P. Singh. Today, this institution has many primary and secondary schools imparting education across Dombivali. Once upon a time', Dombivali did not have a single college. In that era, i.e. In 1965, sir started GDC (Government Commercial Diploma) classes and ran them successfully for 30 years. Students of these classes are now some of the reputed persons in the society such as Prof. Ramprakash Nair, Prof. Shirish Deshpande, Prof. Kedamath, Mr. Chaukar, the manager of Dombivli Nagri Sahakari Bank. The day of 5* June, 1978, however, is the memorable day of sir's life. On this day, Adv. G. R. Patil established an educational institute called "Mumbra Shikashaii Prasarak Mandal" at Mumbra in the district of Thane. During that period, in Mumbra. area there was not a single private school. Upon parent's insistence,.sir started schools of Marathi, Hindi and English medium in rented premises. One of the good friends of sir, late Mr. R. S. Patil offered 5 newly built classrooms near the Vitthal temple. This school was later named after another good friend of sir, late Mr. Bharat Sakharam Jondhle as 'B.S. Jondhle Vidyamandir'. A fter endless efforts, in the year 1988 an institution got a plot of one acre for educational purpose. Today buildings of schools, junior and senior college are standing proudly on this plot as a symbol of efforts of sir.
However, a economically backward students who have passed 10"' standard could not afford to go out of Mumbra for further studies. Thus, G. R. Patil junior college Mumbra was started with all the three faculties : Arts, Commerce, and Science, at Dombivli, Badlapur and Titwala. To avail further education to the students who have passed 12"' standard, G. R. Patil College of Arts, Science and Commerce began imparting education since 2004. Today, both the colleges avail courses such as IT, Computer Science, BMS, Banking & Insurance, Accounting & finance, BMM, BSc (Hospitality studies) which are available only in few colleges.

Though students had option of getting degree, not all of them could afford it. Thus institution started G. R. Patil Technical Institute at Mumbra in the year of 2008 - 2009. This institution is affiliated to Maharashtra Technical Board and offers courses in fields like IT, Computer Science. Any student who have passed 10th or 12th standard can do these courses which have one year's duration. Students who pass these courses can get a job immediately. By starting these courses, an institute has entered a new field of technical education.

G. R. Patil College of Arts, Science, Commerce at Sonarpada, Dombivli, is another symbol of sir's contribution. Sir also started English medium schools at Dombivli, Titwala and Badlapur so as to ease parents' frustration. Today these schools at Titwala and Badlapur are imparting education along with their junior colleges. G. R. Patil Junior College of Arts, Science, and Commerce have solved a question of admission for many students in the area. Now students in this area need not travel through crowded local trains for better education at renowned colleges.
Today "Mumbra Shikshan Prasarak Mandal " runs 8 primary schools, 7 secondary schools, 4 junior colleges, 2 Degree colleges and one technical institute which educate approximately 10000 students with help of 300 teachers and 75 non - teaching staff.

Sir was still involved in social services. He started Giants Group of Dombivli with the help of a friend Prof. A. R., Hukkari. This group conducts many social activities to help citizens. Sir also handled Lola Nritya Niketan, an institution dedicated for performing art of dancing with the help of Mr. E. K. K. Nair. Sir also had worked as a Director and Chairman of the Abhinav Sahakari Bank for 25 years. He was.elected as a Corporator of Kalyan - Dombivli Municipal Corporation and popular for his straight - forwardness. He also established Mankarnika Elders' home, Nighoj (Shirdi), Hariom Elders' Home, Piswali (Kalyan) to help old and needy people in the society.
Honesty and discipline are the two pillars of sir's success. He never compromised with his values and principles. The institution is involved in many projects under his guidance so as to prove helpful to the society. May our sir live long to guide us and we get his love forever.

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Joint Secretary Mr. Anil Patil, and Trustee Advocate Mr. Sunil Patil, giving copies of College Magazine
for the year 2011-2012 to Hon'ble Dr. Rajan M. Welukar Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai.

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